Book Of Veles

Nature: Grimoire
Type: Phantasm & Inspired object.

Description: A phantasm inscribed with illusion and deception spells

Info: A normal-looking book that Orwell found in the public library by using the spell "Discern Phantasm".



SPELL Arcana Dice pool Traits Function
Suppress Aura Death 2 Man + Subt Self -1/sux to examine your resonance & aura
Disguise Aura Prime 2 Int + Subt Self Falsify apparent ''Nature'' of own aura
Alter Aura Mind 2 Man + Subt Self Falsify your emotional aura
Slay Aura Death 4 Int + Subt Lasting Kill own resonance & aura, slowly get new
Corpse Mask Death 2 Int + Subt Lasting Change corpse to different cause of death
Phantasmal Image Prime 2 Int + Exp Vulgar Create 2D illusion over flat surface
Phantasmal Object Prime 3 Int + Craft V, 1M Create solid non-functional illusion of item
Disguise Resonance Prime 3 Com + Subt Area Falsify Resonance Qualities of an area
Phantom Thoughts Mind 2 Res + Subt Self Hide thoughts behind a layer of fake ones
Imposter Mind 3 Int + Subt vs C+G Seem like someone else to 1 sense / sux

V = Vulgar, L = Lasting, M=Mana cost (Assume Instant, Covert & Prolonged otherwise)

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