Nature: Legacy
Parent Path: Moros
Arcana: Death (Primary), Mind (Secondary), Space 1 (Prerequisite)
Nickname: Slave-drivers

Suggested Oblations: Giving orders (and having them followed), preparing a body for burial (only to steal it later), painting a body with glyphs, dissection
Example Concepts: Dilettante, disgruntled houngan, former soldier, mercenary, gourmand, blackmailer

Description: "Voodoo zombie-masters"



1.Bokor's Mark: ●Make touchd target fade into backgrnd, as ''suppress aura''; No aura, as if zombie, & -2 on socl rolls.
●Caster knows where target is for 1 day after, as ''Finder''. Space 2: Ranged reactivation.
Mind 2: Effect also imposes feelings of lethargy, depression & apathy, as per ''emotional urging''

2.Call to Service: ●Animate zombie, Pres+Occ+Death, spend sux on stats, as ''quicken corpse''.
They can't be taken control of by others & don't have 'Vulnerability'. Prolongd duration, can add Factors.
If inscribed w glyphs it won't rot, but ends scn after glyph gone. ●Control found zombies with Pres+Occ+D
Mind 3: ●Give 1B/sux to target in Sensory range if has Symp link item to them, Pres+Occ+Mind, as ''psychic assault''.
●Can use ''multi-tasking'' to do several zombies w attnmnt without target factors.

3.Bokor's Chain: ●Turn human into Revenant if max 1h since death, Pres+Occ+Death vs Res+G.
It lasts until destroyed or released by creator. Can spend Mana to give it Essence or WP, 1-for-1 basis.
●Can steal control of other Revenants, as with zombies, Pres+Occ+Death (but not the ''intruder'' type)
Mind 4: ●Can do ''telepathic control'', Pres+Occ+M vs Res+G, sensory range. Lasts 1 scene on sleeper, 1 turn on mage.
Can't make them commit suicide directly. ●Also, now ''psychic assault'' does 1L/sux.


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