Bene Ashmedai

Nature: Legacy
Parent Path: Mastigos
Parent Order: Silver Ladder
Arcana: Spirit (Primary), Mind (Secondary) & (Prerequisite)
Nickname: Diabolists


1.Diabolist's Circlet: Permanent Mage Armor = Spirit, and can see emotional auras of Spirits

2.Daimon's Measure: Free ''Numinous Shield''. 1M reflxv counters spirit powers, Res+Pers+Spirit
Mind 3: Can 'tune out' Virtue and so get no WP from fulfilling it, but gets 2WP from Vice instead, and receives a +4 bonus when spending WP on boosting Resistance attribute to withstand powers.

3.Pandemonium's Mirror: As ''Goetic Evocation'' but not Wisdm sin. 1M, Res+Pers+S, sux≤ dice. Starts at Rnk1, Pow2, Fin2, Res2, Influence2, ''Materialize''+''Possession''. Spend sux on: +1 attribt (to rank-based max), +1 rank (max 4), +1 influence (max=rank), or 2sux for numen (max 1+2/rank)


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