Awakening Gambit

Nature: Legacy
Parent Path: Acanthus
Parent Order: Adamantine Arrow
Arcana: Mind (Primary), Time (Secondary), Fate 2 (Prerequisite)
Nickname: Kingmakers
Description: This Legacy is for the Acanthus who wants to make awakenings happen. They are the Awakening Gambit. Chessmasters, tacticians and planners, they think up the strategies required for victory, with a main focus on how best to create and recruit more mages.

Suggested Oblations: Meditation, conversation with strangers, volunteering one’s time to a worthy cause, teaching others, organizing a meeting of mages (caucus, forum, tournament), presiding over the Duel Arcane, planning the Middlegame, people-watching.

Concepts: Chess coach, computer programmer, social worker, internal affairs detective, military recruiter, head hunter, bartender, cab driver, drug dealer, Consilium Herald, symphony conductor


1.En Passant: Can Delay 1 spell/G, with Conditional trigger, at no penlty, +0M cost, max 4h. Doesn't count vs Tolerance & Capacity

2.Mysterious Rook: Impose feeling or impulse in seen target. Must make sense for person & event.
●If Sleeper & not trying to control behavior directly, 1M, no roll.
●Otherwise: 1M, Man+Pers+Mind vs Res+G, to affect supernaturals as described, or to implant 1-phrase suggestion in Sleeper target.
Time 3: Rewind time 1 turn, as per ''shifting sands''. Costs 1M, +1M per previous use in same scene

3.Grandmaster's View: Always highest Initiative in fight, don't lose Def from multiple atcks in turn, can use Def vs all ranged attacks.
●Can do 4 non-Phys actions/turn if physically possible, no Phys actions
Time 4: Can ''test out'' different actions for next turn, use 1M, roll Int+Wits+T, max 1 action/Time.
After each, Res+Com to cancel & try different one, else it's what happens. Rewind: Man+Wits-1/actn


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