Augment the Mind
Arcanum: Mind ●●●
Practice: Perfecting
Action: Instant
Duration: Prolonged
Aspect: Covert
Cost: 1 Mana
Range: Self
Rote Pool: Res +Acad

The caster can raise one of his Mental Attributes. This enables him to become a veritable Einstein or Da Vinci, rivaling the genius of even the most renowned intellect, or to become more stubborn and determined than a normal human could possibly be.

Mechanics: A single Mental Attribute may be raised by 1 dot per success, up to a maximum = caster’s Mind Arcanum dots.

Example: If a mage has Intelligence 3 and Mind 3 and three successes are achieved on this spell to boost his Intelligence, that trait becomes six dots for the spell’s Duration. If four successes were rolled, he could still only boost Intelligence by three dots, since he has only Mind 3.

Raising Resolve also raises Willpower dots, but these extra dots do not provide Willpower points. The boost raises a target’s Willpower capacity but not her actual supply of available points. In addition, the target’s Willpower can't exceed 10 dots, no matter how high his Resolve is boosted with this spell (unless the character has Resolve or Composure scores that already exceed 5, which increases this max cap by an equal amount).

Example: Arethusa uses "Augment the Mind" to boost her Resolve. She gets 2 successes on the casting, adding +2 dots to her Resolve. This also adds +2 dots to her Willpower score. She does not, however, gain two extra Willpower points.

Note that the same spell cast to boost a different Mental Attribute does not combine with the first spell — only the highest Potency spell takes effect.

Example: If a mage boosts his Intelligence by +2 dots and then casts a spell boosting his Wits by +1 dot, only the first spell applies, since it has the higher Potency.

With the Mind 4 “Supreme Augmentation” spell, the mage can allocate successes among different Mental Attributes.

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