Architects of the Future

Nature: Legacy
Parent Path: Acanthus
Parent Order: Seers of the Throne
Arcana: Time (Primary), Mind (Secondary)
Nicknames: Architects, Spiders

Example Concepts: Ambitious spy, cat burglar, assassin, undercover police officer who got in too deep.
Suggested Oblations: Cleaning and servicing weapons and other covert operations gear, creating detailed plans for a mission, praying to the Exarchs for advice.


The first 2 Attainments in this Legacy are designed to make the Architect exceptionally effective at carrying out dangerous missions planned by her superiors. These abilities provide immediate physical enhancements and protections. The 3rd one gives the Spider the means to devise the plans that her underlings can carry out.

1.Spider's Edge: Free ''Glimpsing the Future'', roll next instant action twice, use best. 1 turn casting
Mind 2: To notice or remember char is at -1/sux, 1 hour. As ''Incognito Presence'', Wits+Subt+Mind

2.Sensing Danger: Perma-armor=Time on self, give same to target for 1h,touch, Man+Invest+Time
Mind 3: Can do 1 mental (non-spell) extended or instant action at same time as a mental/phys actn.

3.Weaving the Future: In 1 min, see target's future & how to change it, as ''Divination'' & ''Prophecy''.
Mind 4: Astral Travel direct to Omphalos as instant actn, 1M, Com+Wits+Mind, +1M/''passenger''


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