Applied Solutions

Nature: Pylon of Seers
Known Members: ●(primarily Pantechnicon members) ●(one Hegemonic mage)
Sanctum: ???
Residence: ???
Motto: "mobilis in mobili"1

Info: A group of seers focused on software, "apps", and the exploitation thereof.

Apparently the Pylon behind the sabotage efforts directed towards Monroe, where she was misinformed about when she was supposed to greet and escort a delegation of important visitors, which led to angry and upset guests blaming her for mistreating them. Their motives are unknown, but it's been speculated that the Pylon, being primarily a Pantechnicon affair, was possibly trying to make the relevant project fail simply because the Helping Hands Consortium was also working on it, and they've significantly contributed to some recent victories for Dispater, the Minister of Mammon. Or it could be something completely different.


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