Apostates: The Nameless
There is nothing more difficult to plan,
more doubtful of success,
nor more dangerous to manage,
than the creation of a new order …
–Niccolo Machiavelli
Nature: Mage "Faction"(less)
Allegiance: None shared / individual basis
Constituents: People, groups or movements that don't owe allegiance to any actual faction
Soundtrack: I Am A Rock - Simon & Garfunkel

Description: Despite what recruitment officers and bitter elders might have new apprentices believe, not everything in this world is black and white, and not every mage who awakens has to choose to belong to either Pentacle or Pyramid. While the majority of the awakened belong to one of these two titanic factions, that doesn't mean that it's mandatory to choose one or the other.


There are those who never learn about the orders or the ministries until they've become set in their ways. There are those who encounter both early and and refuse to belong to either one. There are those who find other, non-aligned cults or movements or philosophies, and don't really see the need to involve themselves in the Ascension War of those two clashing global ideologies. And then there are those individuals or cliques who find themselves excommunicated from their former positions, exiled from their place in awakened society, with no place to belong except on the outside.

All these and more are known as Apostates, or in older times the Nameless, and they are usually much more numerous than most Pentacle and Pyramid mages ever suspect or realize, caught up as they tend to be in their "us vs them" mentality, believing that the two sides of their conflict is all that exists, or that anyone who's neither with or against them must by default be Scelesti, and therefore only fit for summary extermination.


Known Apostates

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