Alter Oath
Arcanum: Fate ●●●
Practice: Weaving
Action: Instant
Duration: Lasting
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
Rote Pool: (Man/Wit)+Pol
–Resolve –potency

The mage can alter the terms and conditions of a Fate-based oath. Note that a mage trying to get another to alter the tenets of an oath can easily constitute intent to violate said vow (and therefore subject the mage to the deleterious effects of breaking an oath).

Mechanics: The targeted oath’s Potency acts as dice penalties to the casting roll. (If this spell is cast as an extended action instead of an instant action, the target oath’s Potency provides the target number needed).

Once an oath is so altered, it remains altered for the remainder of its Duration. A mage cannot alter an oath she has made for herself (as under Fate 2) until she has Fate 4.

Example: Freya once swore to protect her friend Einar Strombeck from harm. But her friend betrayed her and became Angrobda, a Scelestus — one of the “Wicked”. One of her friends, Morvran, who has remained loyal, is aware of this oath and knows that it can only cause her trouble now.

Without Freya’s knowledge, Morvran casts Alter Oaths to change the conditions of her oath so that she resists Einar’s attempts to sway her rather than protect him. Even though she wants to be rid of her oath, her Resolve is subtracted from Morvran’s dice pool as a form of natural resistance to his magical alteration.

In addition, her oath’s Potency is subtracted from Morvran’s dice pool.

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