Aim For The Dead
Arcanum: Fate ●
+Space ● +Death ●
Practice: (Knowing?)
Action: Instant
Duration: Special
Aspect: Covert
Cost: None
Range: Self
Rote Pool: Com +
(Wpnry or Firearm)

The mage excels at striking specific targets on an undead creature’s body.

Knowing: This spell is a variant of the spell “Sharpshooter’s Eye.” The mage uses Death 1 to lock on to a vampire, reanimated corpse or other undead creature. Each success removes one die of penalties to strike a specific target on its body. If the mage is using a ranged weapon, the spell also reduces all ranged combat penalties except for cover, armor and magical protection.

The benefit applies to the mage’s next attack. Knowledgeable mages use the spell in conjunction with a wooden stake to target a vampire’s heart. Other walking corpses might be stopped in their tracks with a bullet to the brainpan or a blow that mars the mystic Brand that brought the corpse to life.

If the mage knows the second rank in each of the spell’s component Arcana, he can bestow this ability upon another person.

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