The Abyss
I have liv’d o’er my lives without number,
I have sounded all things with my sight;
And I struggle and shriek ere the daybreak,
being driven to madness with fright.
I have seen the dark universe yawning,
where the black planets roll without aim,
where they roll in their horrors unheeded,
without knowledge, or lustre, or name.
—Nemesis, by H.P.L.
Nature: Realm of (non-)existence
Natives: Abyssal Beings (Manifestations, Intruders, Acamoth, Gulmoth, Annunaki, etc)
Faction: Scelesti

Description: The unknowable Void between the Fallen World the the Supernal Realms, that which cannot be understood or categorized or made sense of, the origin of self-contradiction and paradox. Utterly empty and containing nothing at all, not even itself, and teeming with an infinitude of sanity-rending horrific beings.

The most important truth about the Abyss is this: There is no truth about the Abyss. Every perspective that can possibly be represented about the void between the fallen and supernal worlds is accurately countered by its inverse, both contained within the whole of the Abyss. Everything that can be said about the Abyss is simultaneously both fact and fiction, for the Abyss has consumed probabilities and potentialities of a thousand different sorts from the material and immaterial realms over the years, and contains within itself contradictions and the contradictions of contradictions. The mad realm is one of perfect and infinite negation and genesis of potential, the very wellspring from which paradox flows.

The Abyss is the bane of all awakened magic, supposedly created (or given access to this realm) by the Fall of the Celestial Ladder, it is the reason that mage spells can suffer Paradox, Unraveling and Dispbelief, and the force behind the Quescent Curse keeping humanity Asleep.

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